Play Online Pokies

Jet Casino invites Australian casino players to play their favorite pokies. The benefits of the site include an easy-navigation interface, hefty bonus offers, fantastic tournaments, and great prizes. The platform is licensed and employs certified software from the reputed manufacturers, so fair gambling and fast payouts are also guaranteed.

Choosing Your Favorite Game

Online pokies are extremely popular with Aussie gamblers. So much that they have even invented their own name for these casino games. However, every player should have a certain game strategy and stick to a couple of rules.

First, one should decide on a game they wish to play. When choosing a title on Jet Casino on any other platform, consider the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • How much do I wish to win?
  • Is a classical or modern slot machine on my mind?
  • Do I seek a progressive jackpot?

When having these and similar questions answered, you can easily narrow down your search. This will also allow you to protect the budget from wasting cash and time on casino games that do not suit you.

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Knowing the Slot Machine Features

When the game of your interest is defined, be sure to learn its rules from the paytable. It is important to know its RTP as well as its variance. Thus, you will be able to estimate your chances in this pokie. Then, learn the game’s symbols and active features like Multiplier, Bonus-Buy, and others. You should study how they work to understand how to use them during the gameplay. Learn how winning combos are built as well.

Opting for Progressive Jackpots

Jet Casino is home to multiple jackpot games from the best game providers. These are mainly the good-old pokies, but there is a jackpot feature inserted into their gameplay. A progressive jackpot grows over time as more and more players join the game and pour their share into the pokie’s pool. The process does not stop until some lucky bettor hits the total. Sometimes, the sum may reach a six-number digit or even higher.

There are such jackpots on the platform, but to try your luck in any, you should remember the main strategy of jackpots – wager the maximum bets available.

Learning the Pokie Betting Options

Most modern pokies offer a broad enough range of betting options to players. Some of the Jet Casino games suit all budgets since one can bet just one cent as well as 200 dollars on the same spin. This is done to make pokies affordable for any bankroll. However, do not take it as a chance to win more by betting more cash. Instead, one of the best pokie strategies allows smaller bets, but you should place them on all paylines possible in the pokie. This method proves to be more successful than placing a large sum on a single or a chosen number of paylines.

Exploring Game Buttons

Slots are getting more and more sophisticated. New features appear here and there. How good is your knowledge of the main buttons used in online pokies? Let’s check it.

Button: How it works in a pokie:
Auto/Start starts the game or launches Autoplay
Plus (+) & Minus (-) is used to regulate your bet from the minimum up to the maximum available in the slot
Lines allows choosing a certain number of lines for betting
Bet per line is used to define a cash amount you wish to wager on pokie’s each line
Bet max allows betting the maximum amount available in the pokie on all lines
Spin/Stop starts and stops spinning
Gamble allows you to double your payout in the case of a winning spin
Collect allows you to grab your prize in a pokie

Games may include other special buttons, which depend on the game mechanics. Be sure to study each pokie’s gameplay from its paytable or use its demo version to explore it in a secure way.

Defining the Main Slot Machine Terms

Slot machines are the simplest casino games. However, their gameplay may not be that easy to crack. This is especially true for modern slots, the number of which constantly grows at Jet Casino. So, knowing the slot terms is important, too.

  • Bonus Feature. Bonus features are extra options one can get in a slot’s basic game. For instance, it may be a symbol that opens a bonus game or triggers any additional benefit for the player.
  • Coin Denomination. This is the value of coins used in a pokie. For instance, when you choose coins with a denomination of AU$0.5, it means you bet AU$0.5 on each line per spin in your pokie.
  • Fixed Jackpot. Some games do not accumulate jackpots. Instead, they have a preset amount one can win as a jackpot. Let us imagine a pokie in which there is a fixed jackpot of AU$50,000. This means that the maximum you can hit in this pokie in the form of a jackpot is AU$50,000, and not a cent more.
  • Free Spins. Free spins are usual in-game bonus features. You need to collect three or more special symbols (scatters in most cases) to activate a free spins game. Moreover, free spins are usual bonus offers from modern platforms like Jet Casino. The site offers a 150% signup package that includes both free cash and 50 free spins. There are other bonuses on the platform that allow punters to claim more free spins for their comfortable gambling.
  • Max Bet. This is the largest amount one can place in a pokie. This amount is usually given per spin or per line.
  • A multiplier is a pleasant feature of the pokie that will actually multiply your win by a certain number of times. You may see a multiplier like 5x. This means your payout will be five-time more when you succeed in triggering this feature.
  • Slot odds show chances of a win in a pokie. To increase them, always factor in such aspect as the game RTP. The best option for slots is 96% and higher.
  • These are lines where winning combos can be collected. While in classical pokies, there are one, three, or five paylines, their number can be much bigger in modern slot machines.
  • This is an amount you can win from a pokie. The notion of an RTP is related to this term. Each pokie has a predetermined RTP expressed as a percentage. When a pokie has an RTP of, say, 96%, one expects it to return about AU$960 to players from every AU$1,000 placed by them in the form of bets on this slot.
  • Progressive Jackpot. When a jackpot is progressive, it is gradually accumulated with the help of players’ bets. The more players wager, the bigger the jackpot will be.
  • These are slot lines that run vertically. They actually spin when you start the pokie.
  • It is a bonus symbol that activates bonus rounds, free spins, and other extra features in a pokie.
  • Wilds, These are bonus symbols that substitute all the other symbols in the pokie. The only exclusion is a scatter. There is no symbol that can replace a scatter.

Be sure to find pokies with all these features at Jet Casino. The team constantly adds new titles to its pokie selection. When using the strategy given in this, you can get superb prizes on any of them.